February 19, 2020
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7 Easy Weight Loss Routines

Everyone’s made the resolution to lose weight this year. It also happens to be one of the first resolutions to go out the window when people find out it just isn’t going to happen overnight. Let’s throw away the idea of ‘giving up weight loss’ instead, and find you some quick and easy steps that can be started immediately to help you complete this over-exaggerated resolution of the year!

#1 – Drink Water

glass of water

While it’s been statistically proven that drinking eight to ten glasses of waters every day really does nothing for you health wise, it is still a fact that you need to be hydrated in order for your body to produce the energy it needs to lose the weight off your body. Your body must be hydrated in order for metabolism to make use of the fat in your systems. Drinking water helps your kidneys in disposing of wastes, and if none of that jump starts your thinking, you can lose up to 62 calories just by drinking eight glasses of ice cold water.

If you’re thinking of adding this to your routine, it’s wise to drink between or before meals. 10 minutes before meals to be exact. Why? It makes the next step easier!

#2 – Eating Less For More

healthy food

Instead of lounging around waiting for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, take advantage of all that time you have between meals to create a schedule revolving around a 5 Meal Diet. Eating five small meals instead of three large meals, along with at least two low calorie snacks allows you to keep your metabolism rolling, which keeps the calories burning regarding your digestive system. Choose foods that fill you up quickly, but also give you the nutrients you need to refuse that fatigue you’ll begin to feel at the end of the day. The more you ‘treat’ your body, the better off the both of you will be!

#3 – Take Advantage Of Your Resources

Have you ever been envious of the person who can seem to eat everything every meal, yet keep a slim body without exercising properly? You may want to rethink that envy! If a person is losing weight with absolutely no sure signs of how, it normally means they’re losing more muscle then fat. Exercise is necessary. Not many people enjoy doing it, and many more people cannot stand starting it, or even considering it, but it is required.

Let’s make this easy for you. You’ve got eight good bottles of ice cold water in the fridge, you’ve decided what you’re going to eat over the course of the day. It’s going to add up as quick as the supermarket receipts, so let’s throw some coupon in there. If you can’t afford, or are too embarrassed to contact and get in touch with a gym, look around the house for some objects you won’t mind using as substitutes. Are you a reader? Get a belt and tie some of those books up. Free weights! Don’t own a treadmill or don’t want to be caught in sweats running while the fat jiggles on the public street? Take a few laps around the house or run up and down a set of stairs.

It’s necessary that you get rid of that embarrassment, and amazingly enough, exercise will help you. Exercise fine tunes the brain as well as the body by building up muscle instead of that fat. It helps increase metabolism, and speeds up your thinking, so that you not only feel great about yourself and what you’re doing, but you’ll perform better both mentally and physically throughout the day. Goodbye fatigue!

#4 – Using Colours And Size To Determine Your Progress

As crazy as it may seem, fast food restaurants take advantage of your stomach by creating logos in colors that intentionally make you hungry. I’m not kidding! Take a look at McDonalds. Colours such as red, orange, and yellow make you hungrier the more you see them. Think about all the colours you’ve seen for fast food restaurants, compared to the duller and cooler colours you see at certain restaurants.

Sizewise, let’s take a look at those plates you’re eating on. I’m going to assume you’ve got large white decorated plates, or something in red, orange, and yellow. The darker your plates are, and the smaller they are, the better off you will be when it comes to mealtime. Small dark plates for one show you how much is going on that plate, and your mind mentally uses the dark colours as a ‘limit’, to judge where things should stop and need to stop. Take advantage of these small details, and the fat will disappear!

#5 – Nutrition ‘Facts’

Let’s face it. There’s not a single one of us who hasn’t visited a grocery store, and picked up the low-fat or fat-free products blindly. Just because it says fat-free, doesn’t mean it’s really fat free. Where there’s no fat, there could be many calories. Where there’s no calories, there may be a lot of sodium. When you take the time to go shopping for groceries, take the time to flip those bags, cans, and boxes over to see what those substitutes are that you’re digesting in return for ‘fat-free’. Find out what you need, and what you can do without. If your orange juice is giving you more calories then your soda, you may want to re-consider your ignorance!

#6 – Documentation

We’ve all done it. At one point in our lives, we’ve kept a journal or a diary about our life and the things that go on around us. Let’s step this up a notch and bring back that middle-school addiction. Get yourself a journal, or use the Notepad function on your computer to keep facts about what you’re eating, as well as how your own body is doing. The more aware you are of how you are doing, and how your current lifestyle is affecting your weight and your looks, the better off you’ll be able to see the problems and how to solve them!

#7 – Disappointment And Punishment


You don’t need to be committed to your weight loss like a marriage. Give yourself space, just as you would with everything else you do. Regardless of how good or bad something is for you, moderation is necessary to use in everything. Don’t push yourself seven days a week if you’re already expecting to be tired by day three. Give yourself a break every now and then, take time to access your progress.

If you’re on a diet and it’s not working for you, or you begin to dislike it, something is very wrong and you need to reconsider your options. Weight loss can be as enjoyable as playing games or going shopping with friends. You just have to stay motivated, positive, and above all, aware and your weight will disappear as quickly as all the commercials tell you they will.