February 19, 2020
diet pills for weight loss

Weight Loss Pills — Little Miracles or Big Hype?

Consumers are bombarded these days by numerous weight loss methods. Its impossible to turn on the television, surf the internet, or even drive down the road without seeing ads for the newest pill “guaranteeing” massive amounts of pounds shed in as little as a few weeks – no diet or exercise required!

With obesity on the rise and lives becoming more hectic, people willingly take the bait of this hype and turn over their hard-earned money for a chance to be slimmer with as little effort and in as little time as possible. These “miracles” of weight loss can present several problems.

These weight loss pills are not checked for safety by any government agency, such as the FDA. Some may contain herbs and supplements which, in high doses, could either damage certain body systems or adversely interact with other medications.

Another problem with using these pills is that rapid weight loss is not healthy. While some fat will be lost, it will mostly come from water weight and muscle wasting. This is not true weight loss and can lead to dehydration and high levels of harmful protein in the blood, called ketones, which can damage the kidneys. Also, as soon as the supplement is discontinued, the weight will return, sometimes with reinforcements!

True, long-term weight loss can only come with time and effort. The only way to shed the pounds and keep them off is slowly change the habits that led to the weight gain in the first place. As much as people cringe to hear it, the only effective means of shedding and keeping off the pounds is through proper diet and exercise. This ensures not only a healthy way to lose weight, but a means to learn life habits that are important in keeping the weight off.